Skylight offers an assortment of productivity, error reduction, and workforce optimization features to improve your workforce.

Features to power hands-on work

Skylight gives your employees the information and access they need to do their best work. They never have to look away, and they never need to take their hands off their work.

Stream Live Data

Visualize  and interact with real-time data from any IoT machine. Workers can make repairs, diagnose problems and gain new awareness when data reacts in response to their interactions.

Live data streaming in Skylight

Build & Assign Custom Workflows

Skylight is built to adapt to the way you work, not the other way around. Build and assign daily work orders, service tickets and maintenance tasks. Deliver timely, concise information or reassign jobs with ease.


When calling is inconvenient, easily send a private message to an individual worker, or broadcast one out to the whole team. Messages can be informational or transactional: flag a message to require a response such as a required photo, video or a choice from a pre-made list.

Offline Functionality

Skylight is built to run anywhere work gets done, even in places where there is no network connectivity. Skylight gracefully caches the data a worker needs and then uploads the results of their work when a connection next becomes available.

Adaptive Workflows

Keeping workers productive means minimizing distraction. Skylight only shows them the information they need to get their current tasking done. It can dynamically branch what data gets shown from step to step based on the output of the previous step.

QR Code Scanning

Take the guesswork out of workflows and improve speed with Skylight’s QR code scanning.  Record inventory, load work orders, verify data or take custom actions, all with a simple scan.

QR scnanning with Upskill Skylight Software

QR code scan in Skylight


Go paperless and keep up-to-date documentation and compliance processes in Skylight. Provide your workforce with the in-view information they need to do their job.

Location Services

Get a bird’s-eye view of the people and objects around you, automatically trigger Bluetooth beacons to update a worker’s task instructions or deliver navigational guides in a dynamic environment.


Instantly notify workers of problems if they arise. Use alerts to inform them of an error in their workflow, update task status, or broadcast potential safety hazards in their environment.

Capture and Record

Record video or capture audio and images to share best practices, document quality of work or make repair and inspection notes. Share them with your team or have them automatically encoded with your documentation and compliance processes.

Video Playback and Photo Reference

Training and instructional videos can be embedded directly into task steps, allowing for versatility in your workforce. Workers can see how to perform a task before they do it and then record their results to ensure quality.

Video playback in Skylight

Custom Items & Workflows

Developers can create custom items in Skylight, allowing workers to interact with data in ways unique to your business. Managers can build and assign daily work orders, service tickets and maintenance tasks.

Step-by-Step Instruction

New or seasonal employees often need more hand holding during complex operations.  Build and assign step-by-step instructions with Skylight and easily push them to select users.

Collaborative Work

Have shift-based work? Using Skylight’s web-based dashboard, managers always know where the last shift left off and can easily reassign or update the next shift on the latest tasking to keep projects moving forward.

Whitepaper: Power to Your People

Download this whitepaper to learn how four companies are using Skylight to power smart glasses to improve performance and lower costs in manufacturing, logistics, and field service.

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