Field Service

Hands-on work in Skylight

Fewer Errors

Wearables give workers immediate validation of their actions in the field. Our customers report an instant drop in error rates when they adopt Skylight across their organization.

Installations in the field are complex. Skylight allows your team to coordinate, contribute to and comprehend every step of the process.

Faster Installation
Faster Installation

Installations in the field are complex. Skylight allows your team to coordinate, contribute and comprehend every step of the process.

More Productive

Using wearables, workers never have to break concentration by looking away, resulting in an unprecedented leap in productivity in the modern workforce.

Upskill is the largest and most prominent of a group of companies providing smart glasses applications…

-Forrester Research

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Click on the below features to discover how Skylight improves field service operations.

  • Info Panels – Free your hands and diagnose problems right in your wearable’s viewport.  Skylight’s live data streams mean you can make repairs with confidence.
  • Voice Controls – Jump between screens, issue commands and search your data using Skylight’s fully integrated voice system.  Just say “OK Skylight” and you’re off.
  • Room to Grow – Skylight means flexibility. Monitor multiple data feeds on pages. Alternatively, Skylight can responsively display up to 3 feeds per screen.

Live data streaming on Upskill's Skylight wearable platform
  • Work Your Way – Create workflows to suit your unique processes. Skylight integrates with existing business systems, like Salesforce ServiceCloud™ and ServiceMax™, to bring work orders to technician’s in the field.
  • Document without Delay – Never forget an important piece of paperwork again. Skylight offers remote access to all your documentation and processes.
  • Do Work. Not Paperwork. – View instructions, record detailed audio notes and videos, take photos and check off requirements all without taking your hands off the work.
live instructions and manuals with skylight and upskill
  • Task Notification – Connect workers in the field to service center ticketing systems.  Desktop managers can issue new tickets, or let Skylight automatically send new work based on the state of active orders.
  • Reduce Complexity – Start your work and record what you find.  Skylight will adapt and break tasks down into smaller tasks based on what you find.
  • Data Management – Desktop workers always know the state of work in the field.  Data is automatically synchronized and collated for management and analysis right from your own secure dashboard.
live tasking for field experts
  • No Travel Required – Skylight pays for itself on its first use. Save money on travel and delays with “see-what-I-see” video calling to connect experts to workers in the field.
  • Messages – Use Skylight’s message system to update individuals or whole teams.  Ask questions and get answers when you need them.
  • Transfer Knowledge – Organically grow a library of hands-on knowledge by recording videos in the field.  Workers can access this knowledge base at any time using Skylight.
  • A Thousand Words – Remote experts can capture and annotate on top of photos taken directly from the point of view of the field service worker.
video calling with skylight software and upskill


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