Hands-on work in Skylight

Cost Savings

Increase operational efficiency and safety rates across your labor force while simultaneously gathering never-before-seen data about how your work gets done. Customers report substantial cost savings varying from 15-25%.

Workers produce fewer defects, lowering the associated rework and scrap costs. Defect volumes can be reduced by back-end task tracking, in-view guides and automated checklist monitoring.

Less Rework
Less Rework

Workers produce fewer defects, lowering the associated rework and scrap costs. Defect volumes can be reduced by back-end task tracking, in-view guides and automated checklist monitoring.

More Productive

Eliminate idle time and speed up work with in-view data and task instruction.  Simplify uncommon or complicated activities by showing in-context help videos and best-practice content.

The smart glasses market is real and tangible for enterprises: About 8% of all US workers will use smart glasses in their jobs by 2025.

-Forrester Research

Article: Augmented Reality Is Already Improving Worker Performance

Download this Harvard Business Review article to learn more about the industrial use of augmented reality (AR) smart glasses in manufacturing, warehousing, and field service environments.

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Click on the below features to discover how Skylight improves manufacturing operations.

  • Mind your Machines – Skylight can send realtime diagnostic and monitoring information right to the wearable, and it can alert workers if a machine needs attention.
  • Visibility and Control – Edge out competition with the power of the industrial internet of things. Managers and remote workers have a new level of control and visibility into the product right as it gets made.
  • Communicate Change – Connected workers communicate at the speed of light. Instantly share and react to inventory changes, shift-based work hand-off, production problems and more with the power of Skylight.

  • Contextualize Data – Data visualizations such as photos, videos, text and diagrams all reflect the work being done in the moment without the distraction of looking away.
  • Reduce Waste – Workers using Skylight produce nearly error-free work, resulting in less scrap materials and damaged product during assembly.
  • See-What-I-See Video – Instead of guessing how to resolve a conflict, workers can stream their point of view with a remote expert or manager and be walked through any problem.
  • Do Work. Not Paperwork. – View instructions, record detailed audio notes and videos, take photos and check off requirements, all without taking your hands off the work.
  • Institute of Knowledge – A worker retiring means losing years of hands-on knowledge. Use Skylight, to capture, record and store this valuable experience before it is lost forever. Build a library of institutional knowledge for tomorrow’s generation.
  • Attract and Engage – From phones to fridges, the next generation of workers has grown up with connected technology. The industrial workplace can attract and engage this generation through the use of Skylight and wearable technology.
  • Accelerate Ramp-Up Time – Skylight allows you to transfer knowledge via recorded media, point-of-view video calls and other means. This decreases the time it takes to ramp up new recruits and gets them performing at a top level. New employees produce quality work faster, improving your bottom line.
  • Never Look Away – Skylight delivers data right into your sightline and responds to voice commands so you can stay focused and keep your hands on the job.
  • Data with Context – Deliver information when it’s needed, and hide it when it’s not. Keep your labor force focused, safe and running at peak performance.
  • Comply with Standards – Regulations and compliance steps must be followed. Skylight delivers step-by-step instructions and ensures everything gets automatically documented.
  • Alert and Inform – Manufacturing environments are dynamic. Alert workers to changing conditions, updates or emergencies with Skylight Alerts and Messages.


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