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In today’s high velocity environment, you need solutions to help you be more competitive and dynamic. Skylight is a visually-enabled, hands-free wearable solution that increases workforce efficiency while keeping costs low, and gives you the flexibility to upskill and reskill your warehouse staff quickly with seasonal and peak demand.

With Skylight’s augmented reality interface, you can:

  • Connect your workers with data and systems
  • Gain real-time visibility of inventory locations
  • Resolve exceptions in real-time and create digital audit trails
  • Accelerate staffing ramp up, training, and knowledge transfer
  • Improve cross-team and facility collaboration
  • Reduce rework and errors
  • Improve productivity in common tasks

Let us help you drive improvement across your operations with a scalable AR solution that is secure and can be rapidly deployed as new use cases emerge–from the warehouse to the factory to the field.

GE sees 46% worker performance improvement in order fulfillment

In 2017, GE announced a $40 million expansion of its components production operation in Florence. With productivity growth rates slowing, workforces aging, and a fast-growing gap between the number of open manufacturing jobs and the people qualified to fill them, GE needed a wearable solution that could help them meet new capacities while managing costs.

GE turned to Upskill with a focus on improving picking and kitting to start, and plans to quickly expand to other tasks across its MRI warehousing facility within the plant. The result: an immediate 46% improvement upon first-time use.