Getting Started

Our engagements have a simple goal: to amplify the power of your hands-on workforce. With Skylight on AR devices, you can drive material improvements to your operations.

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Engaging with Upskill

Implementation Guide: The First 120 Days

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Choosing Hardware

Skylight supports a mix of AR-enabled devices. We will work with you to determine the optimal hardware for your use cases.

Hardware supported for the Skylight Platform by Upskill

Deployment Options

Skylight offers a range of deployment options to best fit your needs.

Software as a Service

Skylight is hosted in the public cloud and fully managed by Upskill. This is the quickest and easiest way to get started.

Private Cloud Deployment

Skylight is hosted on your cloud infrastructure. You maintain control of data and security, while also getting the scalability and efficiency benefits of cloud technology.

On-Premise Deployment

Skylight runs on internal servers hosted at locations that you control. Data is stored internally and your IT staff manages the systems, security, and upgrades.

Product Tiers

Skylight offers multiple tiers to meet your needs, regardless of where you are in your AR journey

Skylight Core and Enterprise

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