Skylight for HoloLens 2

Skylight for HoloLens 2 empowers hands-on workers with a natural user interface and immersive digital workspaces to enable faster and more productive work.

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Enhance how work gets done with mixed reality

Skylight for HoloLens 2 enables you to bring mixed reality experiences to your hands-on workforce without having to re-author content by leveraging the documents and data you already have. You can build immersive workflows along with your assisted reality and handheld experiences all within the same Skylight platform, allowing you to easily deploy the right device and experience for the task at hand.

Maximize productivity with mixed reality workspaces

Bring digital documents into the real world

Easily access existing documentation and media by positioning the content within the line-of-sight or anywhere in the space around the work area

Visualize multiple sources of information at once

Quickly cross-reference different documents, guided work instructions and other reference material all at once within the same workspace

Interact with virtual content as if it were a physical object

Touch, grab or point to interact with content in a completely natural way

Access enterprise data at the point of work

Build integrated Skylight applications that bridge the gap between existing enterprise systems and the connected workforce

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