How Skylight Works

Skylight provides the building blocks you need to deliver AR to your entire workforce. Each application is designed for a specific use case, integrates with existing enterprise systems and is deployable across teams, sites and geographies on a range of devices.

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Rapidly build and deploy AR across your organization with one solution

Skylight I How it Works
Display information to workers and enable hands-free messaging and live video calling on AR devices
Create any number of custom Skylight Applications based on your specific use cases for AR
Use our core set of technologies and services to build, connect and manage Skylight Applications across teams, sites, and geographies
Integrate with any number of enterprise systems to connect your workers to relevant data, equipment and connected tools

Skylight Client

Provide a simple, easy-to-understand user interface for your workers

Skylight Live

Enable hands-free live audio and video collaboration between workers

Skylight Live connects workers to remote experts and managers with live HD video collaboration. Workers can stream live video and audio from their AR devices to colleagues who receive a first-person perspective of the work at-hand.

  • Document sharing
  • Telestration
  • Messaging
  • HD audio & video
  • Remote zoom
  • Remote snapshots
  • Support for smart glasses, smart phones/tablets and web browsers
Skylight Live Remote Assistance

Skylight Application Builder

Visually design AR applications without the need to program

Skylight Application Builder provides a simple, drag-and-drop interface and library of UI cards that allow non-technical personnel to quickly build Skylight Applications without the need for programming. Managers and process engineers can design unique AR applications that map to existing processes and see immediately how that experience will be displayed for their workers.

See common applications for:

Card library
Pre-built UI components including text, images, media capture and barcode scanning

Workflow Diagram
Drag-and-drop cards to configure the workflow logic

Customize UI elements including, text, images, colors, behavior and data connections

Interactive Preview
Navigate a live preview of the workflow as it would be rendered on the smart glasses

Harvard Business Review: AR is Already Improving Worker Performance

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Skylight SDK

Build or enhance Skylight Applications with custom functionality

Skylight Software Developer’s Kit (SDK) enables developers to use common programming methods, languages and toolsets to rapidly build a deeper level of control and customization of Skylight Applications.

Skylight Web

Access a management portal for users, managers and administrators

Skylight Web Assignments
Skylight Web Media Gallery
Skylight Augmented Reality Web Interface

Skylight Web is a portal for workers, managers and administrators. Once logged into the web, users can connect AR devices, manage assignments, make and receive Skylight Live calls, view captured media and configure system settings. Skylight Application Builder is also accessible via the interface.

Skylight Services

Access a comprehensive set of platform services provided out-of-the-box

Upskill's user management icon

User/Group Management

Organize users and define access permissions

Skylight Authentication Icon


Utilize built-in user authentication or single sign-on (SSO)

Skylight Assignments Icon


Provide users and groups access to a Skylight Application

Skylight Application Engine Icon

Application Engine

Define custom Skylight Application layout and logic

Skylight Live Icon


View online user status and make live point-of-view video calls

Skylight Media Icon


Store audio, video and image from Skylight Applications

Skylight Notification Icon


Deliver real-time notifications to devices and extensions

Skylight Analytics Icon


Log Skylight Application or system events