Increase quality and efficiency across your entire operations

Aerospace and defense companies build, move, and service some of the world’s most complex machines every day. Quality and efficiency metrics are key drivers to ensuring success in a complex and impactful industry.

Whether it’s an unplanned maintenance or a mishandled bag, exceptions create downtime and rework that directly affect the bottom line. Skylight is a enterprise-ready AR platform that equips hands-free workers in factories, maintenance facilities, and airports with information critical to get things done faster and correctly, every time.

Common aerospace and defense augmented reality use cases

Complex assembly

Yield an average of 32% increase in productivity by providing guided instructions, visual diagrams, and reference material directly in workers’ line of sight

Quality control

Ensure that tasks are completed to spec by incorporating quality management procedures and integrations with IoT-enabled smart tools

Parts management and kitting

Complete kitting and part order fulfillment up to 46% faster by eliminating paper-based pick lists and live access to inventory management systems


Track and record the genealogy of different serial numbers as equipment is assembled, repaired, and maintained, so things don’t fall through the cracks

Process management

Optimize manufacturing processes by giving workers real-time access to documented procedures, reference images and IoT data

Training and upskilling

Enable knowledge transfer through on-the-job, step-by-step instructions that are dynamically collected and presented to the worker’s line-of-sight

Maintenance and repair

Reduce downtime with hands-free access to reference materials, complete digital checklists, and resolve issues real-time with remote experts

Airline ground operations

Shorten the aircraft turnaround time by completing key maintenance, replenishment, and inspection tasks without having to reference paperwork and entering data manually

Baggage handling

Reduce human error in loading, transferring, unloading bags through a heads-up and hands-free interface

Smart glasses for wire harness production

Some of the aerospace and defense companies we work with

Boeing AR software customer
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Delta AR Upskill

Discover how smart glasses can help solve the skills gap by improving the efficiency and agility of workers across in manufacturing, warehousing, and field service environments.

Augmented reality solutions across the whole aerospace supply chain

Aerospace worker using augmented reality solution by Upskill to find the proper wire placement.


Reduce manufacturing and engineering inefficiencies by delivering complex instructions and process management protocols via smart glasses

Aviation Field Service Technician using augmented reality


Reduce assembly equipment downtime by instantly viewing and troubleshooting procedures, or consulting remote experts across the factory or around the globe

Aviation material handler using augmented reality to track materials

Parts and Supply

Offset supply chain miscalculations such as part shortages by providing hands-free, real-time inventory management, and visibility