Increase first time quality and production line efficiency, and reduce typical production line delays

In automotive manufacturing, higher levels of quality and custom configurations are now the rule, rather than the exception. You need to drive down costs while maintaining high standards of excellence, and these  expectations extend into after market operations. With Skylight, your people become connected to the information, equipment and systems to drive significant performance improvements across the business.

Skylight integrates with any MES and other back-end systems to access real-time data and information

Common automotive augmented reality use cases

Training and onboarding

Enable knowledge transfer through on-the-job, step-by-step instructions that are dynamically collected and presented to the worker’s line-of-sight, increasing their learning curve averages over traditional training means

Complex assembly

Provide dynamic, standardized process steps and instructions, incorporating diagrams and media for context, right in the worker’s line-of-sight while they work through processes and assembly instructions

Maintenance and repair

Assign maintenance tasks to workers to identify flaws, work through issues on the floor, and prevent production line machinery malfunctions that would otherwise paralyze production output

Parts inventory management

Complete part inventory checklists and order fulfillment by up to 46% by enabling vision picking and live access to inventory management systems

After-sales service

Provide real-time access to manuals and step-by-step instructions to technicians as cars are serviced for repair


Track and record the genealogy of different serial numbers as equipment is assembled, repaired, and maintained

Augmented reality solutions across the whole automotive industry

Skylight in auto manufacturing facility


Incorporate Skylight into critical points throughout the manufacturing process such as complex assembly, process management and maintenance and repair

Automotive worker using augmented reality for field service

Equipment Service

Equip your technicians with Skylight to prevent assembly equipment downtime by instantly viewing troubleshooting procedures or consulting remote experts


Material Handling

Streamline your supply chain by ensuring workers can efficiently locate, kit and ship parts as new orders come in