Fulfill orders up to 46% faster by delivering the right information at the right time

Retailers are opening warehouses at a record pace, but are finding there are not enough workers to staff them. “It’s almost like peak season is never ending,” said Meghan Henson, a human resources officer for IKEA.

Skylight is a hands-free augmented reality platform that accelerates productivity for new and existing workers by displaying work instructions, pick locations and more within workers’ line of sight via smart glasses. By providing your operators with a hands-free wearable solution, they can keep their heads up and focused on the task at hand and more accurately fulfill orders. Skylight can also be taken in-store to support staff in real-time inventory checking and replenishment.

How augmented reality is used in retail and eCommerce

Vision picking

Reduce round trip times by providing item location, quantity and aisle on workers’ smart glasses.


Process and prioritize orders by displaying kitting item lists in the logical order they should be retrieved

Loading and unloading

Keep workers’ heads up and prevent hazardous distractions during loading and unloading operations.

Cycle counting

Perform inventory audits faster by confirming item location data and taking photos hands-free.

In-store availability

Provide staff with real-time availability of stock inventory in the factory, or in the store, and be able to make orders


Accelerate new hire productivity by giving workers the ability to share their point of view to managers.

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