Process large order volumes faster and improve warehouse safety with augmented reality

Third-party logistics providers face tight order fulfillment times, higher transportation costs, and lower margins in an increasingly competitive environment. Economies of scale help in lowering costs, but human labor is the biggest cost driver today. Investing in automation cannot be done universally due to its high up-front cost. To improve workforce productivity, many warehouses use handheld devices and voice-enabled headsets to deliver information faster from warehouse management systems (WMS) to workers.

Skylight is an augmented reality and wearable technology software platform that powers a more ergonomic, flexible, and efficient way to increase warehouse productivity and accuracy with lower up-front costs. Use AR as a solution both to drive supply chain efficiency and provide an additional value-added service to differentiate in the logistics market.

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“Upskill’s augmented reality platform for smart glasses has enabled greater efficiencies in Ryder’s warehouses—from saving time and improving accuracy, to streamlining the jobs of hands-on warehouse personnel. The use of wearable, hands-free technology powered by Skylight has decreased the time it takes to pick and scan inventory while improving efficiency. At Ryder, we’re all about investing in technologies that ensure safety and reliability, as well as improved productivity, visibility, and customer service levels.” — Gary Allen, Vice President of Supply Chain Excellence, Ryder

Common 3PL use cases

Vision picking

Reduce round trip times by providing real-time item location, quantity and aisle on workers’ smart glasses


Display information from ring scanners or other WMS systems to identify items and confirm locations

Loading and unloading

Keep workers’ heads up and prevent hazardous distractions during loading and unloading operations


Accelerate new hire productivity by giving workers on-the-job training and guided instruction


Process and prioritize orders by displaying kitting item lists in the logical order they should be retrieved

Configure to order (CTO)

Deliver live video engineering support to workers’ smart glasses to increase the quality of CTO products

Cycle counting

Perform inventory audits faster by confirming item location data and taking photos hands-free

Exception management

Stream live video to back-office supervisors to get input pick order changes as it happens

Equipment maintenance

Quickly repair equipments such as item sorters by allowing remote experts to view and solve issues in real-time

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