Help your service technicians get it right the first time

Telecom providers are challenged to effectively manage the mobile and fixed networks that they run. Consumers demand consistent quality service and maintaining uptime is paramount.

Skylight is an augmented reality software platform that helps you maximize your field service workforce. By equipping your team with Skylight on smart glasses, issues are resolved faster, more accurately and with less rework.

With Skylight, service staff receive real-time information in their line of sight while out in the field, and are provided with step-by-step instructions related to work orders at hand.

When issues arise, field techs can quickly initiate live video calls with experts through their smart glasses to get to resolution. Tribal knowledge can also be captured and shared with other workers to support training, upskill staff and drive improved overall performance across your workforce.

AR for Telco I Upskill & Telstra

“As we continue to invest heavily in our infrastructure to help our customers to connect, our ability to service and maintain network performance is critical to the success of our business. We believe that trialing Upskill’s Skylight platform for our AR pilot program will allow us to test Upskill’s new technology as a way to connect our field technicians to network equipment in ways we couldn’t before, and potentially contribute to improving productivity and driving down costs.” — Sanjay Rai, General Manager, Strategy and Productivity, Telstra Network Construction & Services

Common telecom use cases

Remote expert support

Bring a second pair of eyes via two-way audio and video to help field technicians reduce lead times during critical moments

Knowledge transfer

Enable your most experienced staff to capture and share tribal knowledge while out in the field and make that information easily access to others on their smart glasses

Construction audits

Provide field techs with check lists and guided instructions to accurately assess and complete audit reports

Preventative maintenance

Provide your workers with hands-free access to service instructions for specialized equipment and guided instruction for performing routine maintenance tasks

Equipment inspections

Allow staff to perform inspections faster by moving through check lists digitally and documenting key steps throughout the process for compliance

Inventory / parts ordering

Connect your workers to the back-end systems necessary to quickly look up and replenish parts necessary to complete customer orders while on site

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