Improve efficiency, safety and customer satisfaction

Field workers in the utility sector must maintain a wide range of equipment, some new and some decades old. In an outage, time is of the essence as field technicians work to quickly and safely restore service.

Skylight is an augmented reality software platform that helps you maximize your workforce. By equipping your team with smart glasses, issues are resolved faster, more safely and with fewer errors, leading to increased customer satisfaction. Staff can be trained on-the-job and quickly approach the performance of veterans through guided instruction and remote expert support.

HBR Augmented Reality is Already Improving Worker Performance

Harvard Business Review

Discover how smart glasses can help solve the skills gap by improving the efficiency and agility of workers across in industrial environments.

Common utilities use cases

Remote expert solutions

Share subject matter expertise remotely via two-way audio and video to help field technicians reduce lead times during critical moments

Knowledge transfer

Access up-to-date knowledge on the latest technology, as well as legacy systems that are decades old, without the need for retraining

Storm damage recovery

Provide field techs with guided instructions for how to assess equipment and order parts on the fly

Maintenance and repair

Get hands-free access to service instructions for specialized equipment and perform routine maintenance tasks


Use smart glasses to perform inspections faster by eliminating the need to switch between the job and paper-based information or tablets

Equipment management

Equip utility warehouse workers with vision picking to get items off the shelf and shipped faster