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Skylight offers a tested and proven AR solution for the complex tasks of wire harness manufacturing. Transforming disparate and paper-based workflows into intuitive hands-free operations, Skylight helps unlock greater throughput, quality, and workforce ramp up time across operations.

With applications optimized for the end-to-end process from pre-staging through routing and insertion all the way to QA, Skylight offers a jumpstart to implementing AR based on proven product and best practices.

  • Configure flexible templates optimized for wire harness lifecycle
  • Automatically translate complex steps into easy-to-follow visuals
  • Connect workers with instructions and data hands-free
  • Integrate with systems of record
  • Work continuously in on and offline environments
  • Implement process changes in minutes, not weeks
  • Capture documentation for compliance and traceability
  • Ramp up training to hit targeted productivity faster

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