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Invest in an Enterprise-Ready AR Solution

We offer a flexible set of deployment options, AR devices and a platform built to scale across your enterprise. Skylight works seamlessly with your existing IT workflows, allowing you to integrate, build and manage secure AR solutions across your business with minimal overhead.

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Flexible Deployment Options

Deploy Skylight on the Upskill cloud, on-premise, private cloud or distributed across individual sites.

Enterprise Security and Compliance

Skylight supports enterprise security regulations, mobile device management (MDM) and single sign-on (SSO).

Seamless System Integration

Skylight works alongside existing systems and IT investments by syncing via data connectors.

Scalable Architecture

Skylight’s microservices architecture provides high availability, reliability and performance at large scales.

Codeless App Development

Develop AR applications using drag-and-drop functionality without code via Skylight Application Builder.

Hardware Agnostic

Skylight supports a variety of smart glasses, smartphones, tablets and Microsoft HoloLens, as well as new devices as they come on the market.

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“We work with global clients who are looking to utilize AR technology to help manage complex operations across teams and geographies. Leveraging an AR solution that is enterprise-ready and flexible provides the essential building blocks we need to customize AR applications and workflows on the fly, decrease development cycles and deliver accelerated results.” – Joe Fitzgerald, principal, Deloitte Consulting LLP

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