Skylight Platform Features

Skylight’s enterprise app platform provides all the building blocks to quickly build and deploy wearable, mobile and augmented reality solutions that are tailored to your organization’s specific needs.

Skylight Platform Features

Skylight’s enterprise app platform provides all the building blocks to quickly build and deploy wearable, mobile and augmented reality solutions that are tailored to your organization’s specific needs.

Everything you need to deliver scalable enterprise apps

Skylight’s enterprise app platform abstracts the tedious plumbing and infrastructure required to develop, integrate, deploy and manage apps for wearable and mobile devices.


Visually design apps with Skylight Application Builder or dynamically generate with the Skylight API.


Integrate apps with data or events from external data sources using the Skylight API.


Install the Skylight client on devices and instantly deploy Skylight apps.


Leverage out-of-the box authentication, user management, and access control capabilities.

Low-Code Development Tools

Skylight includes an integrated set of development tools that help organizations accelerate application delivery. Developers can quickly prototype and design applications using drag-and-drop tools, but also have the power and flexibility to integrate and extend applications with code.

Skylight Application Builder
Visual workflow designer
Drag and drop UI components
Interactive application preview
Application export/import
Skylight SDK
REST APIs and C# wrapper
Dynamically load and extract data
Extract analytics events
Dynamically assign work
Development Resources
Developer portal
API reference
Sample code
CLI tools

Application Engine

The Skylight application engine simplifies building and deploying apps, letting you focus on business logic and user interfaces while Skylight handles the rest.

Multi-Device Clients
Install the runtime client on devices and instantly deploy Skylight apps.
Device Optimized UX
Provide a delightful end user experience with Skylight’s wearable and mobile optimized UI framework.
Data Sync
Leverage Skylight’s synchronization engine to seamlessly transfer data between devices and systems.
Offline Data Access
Work offline without a network connection and synchronize seamlessly once the connection is available.
Voice Engine
Navigate completely hands-free on wearable devices with voice commands and speech-to-text data entry.
Device Handoff
Start a task on one device and seamlessly pickup where you left off on another device.
Device Authentication
Use secure codes generated from the Skylight web portal to easily sign into devices.
Wi-Fi Connection Wizard
Quickly connect wearable devices to Wi-Fi networks by scanning a QR code.
Video Calling
Make and receive live point-of-view video calls and provide remote guidance.
Bluetooth Tool Connectivity
Integrate Bluetooth devices such as barcode scanners and smart tools directly into workflows.
Over-the-Air Updates
Easily receive Skylight software updates on devices without having to manually connect to a computer.
PIN Lock
Increase security by requiring users to input a PIN code after a period of inactivity.
Deliver real-time notifications to and from devices and external systems.
Log unique application, user and system events for use in operational analytics.
Media Store
Store audio, video and image clips collected from workflows or for use as references in applications.
Support for English, Spanish, German, French, Portuguese, Italian, Chinese and Japanese.

UI Framework

There is no need to build your UI from scratch. Skylight includes a library of pre-built UI components built for procedure-based applications and designed responsively for use on both wearable and mobile devices.

Text Block
Display blocks of text or instructions
Mark Complete
Mark tasks as completed
View, zoom and pan images
Text Input
Input text from a keyboard or Bluetooth device
View, zoom and pan PDF documents
Display information in a table format
Play and scrub video clips
Present notifications for events or other timely information
Multiple Choice
Pick one or more distinct values
Display and adapt scalable vector graphic content on the fly
Barcode Scanner
Use the device camera to scan barcodes
Capture Photos
Use the device camera to capture photos
Capture Videos
Use the device camera to capture videos
Capture Audio
Use the device mic to capture audio clips

“See-What-I-See” Video Collaboration

Skylight Live connects workers to remote experts with “see-what-I-see” video collaboration. Workers can stream live video and audio from their devices to colleagues who receive a first-person perspective of the work at-hand.

HD Audio & Video Streaming
Bi-directionally stream HD video and audio.  Multi-party calling coming soon!
Document Sharing
Share and markup snippets from PDF documents.
Bandwidth Optimization
Call quality automatically adjusts based on available network bandwidth.
Contact List
View, search, and see available contacts.
Remote Camera Zoom
Remotely zoom the other caller’s camera.
Synchronized Annotations
Markups on media are synchronized between callers in real-time.
Network Diagnostics Tools
Built-in tools for troubleshooting network and firewall issues.
Bandwidth Controls
Limit the bandwidth utilized during calls to reduce data consumption.
Remote Photo Capture
Remotely take photos from the other caller’s camera.
Text Messages
Send and receive instant messages during a call.
Call Logs
View detailed call logs to track usage and troubleshoot connection issues.
Media Storage
Automatically save media captured during a call.

Management & Governance Tools

Skylight was designed with large enterprises’ complex operating environments in mind. Management and governance tools enable business teams, while at the same time letting IT stay in control.

Group Management
Organize users into functional groups and control content access.
Assignment Management
Manage the assignment of work to users and view status.
Activity Monitoring
View fine-grained event logs of user activity.
Role-Based Permissions
Assign roles to users and control access privileges.
Privacy Controls
Restrict or anonymize the user activity data that is collected.

Enterprise-Grade Security

At Upskill, data security and data integrity is the top priority. Skylight offers a robust set of security features that are designed to be compliant with industry security standards.

Single Sign-On
to Skylight with corporate login credentials.
All data sent to and from Skylight is encrypted in transit, at rest on device and at rest on the service stack.
SOC-2 Compliance
Upskill undergoes a regular 3rd party audit to certify Skylight against SOC-2 standards.
Directory Synchronization
Synchronize users and groups from LDAP or Active Directory servers.
MDM Compatibility
Skylight is compatible with popular mobile device management systems, like AirWatch.
Vulnerability Scanning
Upskill uses external tools to continuously scan for security vulnerabilities in Skylight.
Detection, Response & Recovery
Threat detection systems and incident management policies are in place to ensure protection and business continuity.

Deployment Options

When it comes to deployment, different companies have different needs. Get up and running quickly with Skylight Cloud or maintain full control by deploying in your own infrastructure.

Skylight Cloud
Immediately get started and reduce costs by leveraging Upskill’s fully-managed infrastructure hosted globally on Amazon Web Services (AWS).
Public Cloud
For organizations that want deeper control of their infrastructure or want to take advantage of special public cloud services, you can deploy Skylight on other public cloud providers.
Private Cloud & On-Premise
If your organization requires full control of enterprise data, you can deploy Skylight in your private cloud or on-premise infrastructure.

Want to know more about deploying Skylight in your business? Check out more resources for IT leaders.

Supported Devices

Skylight includes out-of-the-box support for a range of wearable, augmented reality, and mobile devices. We are committed to adding support for new devices and updates as they are introduced to the market so you are future-proofed and can take advantage without additional development burden.

Smart Glasses
Google Glass Enterprise Edition 2
Vuzix M300
Vuzix M300XL
Vuzix M400
RealWear HMT-1
RealWear HMT-1/Z1
Mixed Reality
Microsoft HoloLens 2
Smartphones / Tablets

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