The Multi-Experience AR Platform

Whether through smart glasses, smartphones and tablets or Microsoft HoloLens 2, Skylight enables you to choose the best device and experience for each hands-on task.

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Assisted Reality

Non-immersive 2D experience on smart glasses

Assisted reality provides contextually relevant digital information mostly in two dimensional format. By providing the information directly in the line of sight of your hands-on workers, they can remain heads-up and hands-free while performing their job. Best suited for routine work like complex tasks that are well known to the user, assisted reality can be deployed on a range of monocular smart glasses.

Mixed Reality

Immersive 2D or 3D experience blending the digital and physical worlds

HoloLens 2

Handheld Mobile Experience

Leverage conventional smartphones and tablets to complement AR/MR

Skylight on mobile

The handheld mobile experience is designed for workers who are not always required to be hands-free and have a high need to document their work, such as quality assurance, inspection and routine maintenance. It’s also good for supervisors who occasionally need to interact with their employees and the digital enterprise. With such high availability and accessibility of mobile devices, you can easily deploy to your workforce. Workers can also seamlessly transition between their mobile device and smart glasses when required to be more hands-free.

Fixed Display Experience

Heads-up display offered through mounted tablets

When your workers at a workstation or fixed spot on an assembly line, using a fixed display experience allows your hands-on workers to access information while performing stationary work. Similar to assisted reality, the type of information is optimized for glanceability. It is also best suited for operational environments where multiple users are working from the same work instructions in the same area and where device theft is a major concern.

Skylight on PCs

Designed for workflow creators, IT administrators and support engineers

Skylight Remote Video Assistance

Skylight on PCs provides job-specific tools directly from your web browsers. Through the Skylight Application Builder, workflow owners can create, modify, publish and assign applications directly from their PC. IT administrators can also easily configure Skylight domains, and support engineers can provide remote assistance to technicians in the field without leaving their desk.

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