Augmented Reality Experiences

Skylight supports a range of device and augmented reality user experiences–from assisted reality to mixed reality–to enable workers to view and interact with information and data in distinct ways. Whether through smart glasses, smart phones or Microsoft HoloLens, Skylight can be optimized to deliver information in the way that best suits the device and task at hand, bringing a breadth of AR experiences to the frontline worker.

A multi-device and multi-experience AR platform

Assisted Reality

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Mixed Reality

Mixed reality enables workers to interact with digital content that is spatially placed in the real world. Content can be visualized across a large field of view, cross-referenced via multiple windows, is connected to objects and changes dynamically as workers move.

Choose the Device that Best Meets the Task

Skylight supported smart glasses

Smart Glasses

Skylight supports a range of leading smart glasses to provide an assisted reality experience.

Skylight for HoloLens

Microsoft HoloLens

Using Skylight, workers immerse in a large, binocular multi-window mixed reality experience.

iOS and Android, Skylight


Skylights works on iOS or Android devices to enable remote assistance and remote auditing.

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