Connecting your workforce

With Skylight, hands-on workers get the job done faster and more accurately by connecting them to the people, information and equipment they need while remaining hands-free to focus on their tasks and their tools.

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Enhance operational capabilities with augmented reality technology

With Skylight, workers interact with a simple, intuitive software interface available directly in their line-of-sight via smart glasses. It allows them to:

Skylight AR for Warehouses

Receive Task Guidance

Step through workflows, get new assignments and look up information and content in real-time

AR in Auto Manufacturing

Perform Steps and Processes

Track task progress, complete orders, forms and checklists, take and send media

AR for manufacturing training

Capture and Share Knowledge

Document critical processes and record step-by-step videos that can be shared for training

AR for Field Service

Access Live Help Instantly

Stream live video, collaborate on share documents, and send and receive messages hands-free

Skylight on smart glasses for GE Aviation

Interact with Live Data

View, monitor and get alerts and notifications from connected objects, sensors and smart tools

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How It Works

The Skylight platform provides all the building blocks organizations need to quickly build and deploy AR applications across sites and geographies

Build Skylight Applications

Use the Skylight Application Builder or Skylight SDK to design applications for any use case.

Connect to Systems & Equipment

Integrate Skylight Applications with all your back-end systems to connect workers to the information, data and equipment core to your operations.

Manage Users and Assignments

Use Skylight Web to manage accounts, create task assignments, deploy applications to AR devices and initiate live video calls.